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Classic Stories от Arcturus

Classic Stories от Arcturus

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Regarded by many as a masterpiece. The Call of Cthulhu is among H. P. Lovecraft's most famous works. Recounting the mystery of the cult of Cthulhu, it conjures up a darkand fascinating world.The Cthulhu Mythos has since become a study of its own for those who have delighted in Lovecraft's writing, captivated by the weird horror and dark fantasy of which he was a master. In addition to The Call of Cthulhu, this collection of stories alsoincludes others that made either direct or indirect reference to Cthulhu : Dagon, The Dunwich Horror, The Whisperer in Darkness and The Haunter of the Dark. Наличные, б/н, visa, qiwi, webmoney, я.деньги.

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